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Welcome to Backcountry Draft! I've built this space to talk about beer, wine, and liquor in the great outdoors. Food and drink is such a central part of our lives, and I don't think it should be limited to inside a building or in a patio. After a long hike in the woods, sometimes water just isn't enough.

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What Brought Me Here

I'm a data analyst for a large corporation which means I spend at least a third of my day staring into a screen inside a room. Nature and the woods are a great escape from spreadsheets, online calls, and artificial light, and I find myself hiking, camping, hunting, or just standing out in the sun whenever I can. 

Along with being an outdoors nut, I'm an Advanced Cicerone® and food lover. I realized that my two hobbies don't have to be separated and started drinking better beer and eating better food in the woods. Backcountry Draft has become my place to share my experiences and outlet to talk all things that involve beer and the woods.


Got your own stories to share? Want some advice on your next beer or wine pairing? Send me a note!

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