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Ever tried making a Smoked Old Fashioned with a campfire? Would you like to know the best beer to drink without a fridge on your next trip into the woods?  Take your drink to the next level.

Food pairing

Food doesn't have to pair with only wine, and wine doesn't only have to pair with food you buy at the grocery store. Wild game goes with anything.


Just because we're in the woods doesn't mean we have to act like it. There are right (and wrong) ways to enjoy beer, wine, and liquor, and the right way doesn't care if you're 100 miles from home.


While we prefer to be in the forest, that doesn't mean we spend every minute there. Learn about our consulting services that range from staff training to beverage menu selection.

The latest from backcountry draft

Sometimes water isn't enough.

Water can be amazing, but sometimes it just isn't enough. Think of waking up before dawn to chase turkeys or the fire after hiking 20 miles. It's incredible what a hot cup of coffee or a tall cocktail can do, and I'm here to help you find that experience even if you're miles from home.

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